Town wants public input on budget

With the aim to get the 2003 municipal budget wrapped up by the end of November, the town is asking residents for their opinions as it begins the process.
And they’ll get their chance at a public meeting July 8 at 7 p.m. at the Civic Centre.
“This time, we’ve changed our approach a little bit,” noted CAO Bill Naturkach. “Instead of simply asking what people they want, we’re being more aggressive in getting input on revenue streams.
“It’s a continuous problem dealing with sources of revenue, and we want to know what ideas the public has,” he added.
“Positive revenue streams” could be anything from parking meters to tickets for handicapped parking violations to boat launch fees.
“Negative, positive, or otherwise, we want to know,” stressed Naturkach.
He added the town, as part of its recent strategic planning process, has vowed to listen to the community more than ever, and is hoping a good number of people show up at the July 8 meeting to voice their views.
During the 2002 budget process, only two speakers offered their ideas—one for personal financial assistance and the other regarding more services for seniors.
Naturkach noted administration already has been working on the budget, but the public meeting is really the kick-off for the process.
“As the public comments are received, council and the committee of the whole will continue to consider them. The process will be kept open to the media and the public.
“Before we finalize the budget in late November, there’ll be more opportunity for public input,” he added.