Town to set final tax rates

Fort Frances town council is expected to vote on a by-law to adopt this year’s tax rates at its coucil meeting this evening.
“It’s what was originally decided by council this spring, a two percent increase,” noted Darryl Allan, the town’s manager of administration and finance.
The increase will only apply to residential properties due to the cap on commercial and industrial taxes under Bill 140, and the increase will differ from home to home based on the most recent property reassessments.
“If, for example, your residence was not reassessed, there was no change in assessment, it would go up two percent,” noted Allan.
Town council had decided on June 1 to stick to current tax ratios after a cut in the education tax alleviated potential budget shortfalls predicted as a result of Bill 140.
While council members speculated in June over what the rates would be the final decision will be tonight with a vote on the by-law setting the rate and providing penalty and interest in for payment defaults.
A by-law is also on the agenda to authorize the levying and collection of a special charge of taxes upon the Business Improvement Area.
The tax bills for 2001 are expected to be due in two installments–the first to be received by Oct. 31 and the second on Nov. 30, 2001.
During tonight’s Committee of the Whole meeting, council members will consider requests for financial contributions from the Friends of Animals, the District Labour Council and the Fort Frances Visserettes.
Council will also receive a quarterly report from Geoff Gillon of the Rainy River Future Development Corporation and information updates on the building activity for the month of July, the August 20 effluent spill, and the 2001 sump pit drainage inspection.
Council will also consider the renaming of Front Street to La Verendrye Parkway and the sale of the quarry site.