Town to seek advice for computer system

Town council agreed Monday night to hire a computer consultant before money is invested in new software for the Civic Centre.
Council plans to proceed with purchasing new software but will get advice from a qualified consultant so that the money spent on it is invested wisely.
“They will look at the software side of it and make sure we are getting the proper software necessary to the Town of Fort Frances,” Coun. Roy Avis during Monday’s committee of the whole meeting.
In the past, the town has had computer problems, and was the only municipality using the type of software it had purchased, so any changes would require programming changes from the supplier.
“We don’t want anything piece-meal. Get the whole package keeping in mind there will always be upgrades,” noted Coun. Sharon Tibbs.
Coun. Dave Bourgeault also noted the consultant’s fee would only be one percent of the cost of the overall upgrades.
In other news, council also agreed Monday to support a district-wide hazardous waste program by contributing $1 per capita to the Rainy River First Nation Watershed Program.
“I certainly agree with what we’re doing. On a stand alone project if we were to do this, we would be looking at $40,000-45,000 a year,” noted Coun. Bourgeault.
There was some concern the drop-off spot would be in Emo rather than Fort Frances.
“It was easiest to centralize, however, most of the material will likely come from Fort Frances,” said Coun. Bourgeault.
“I think there should be a hinge on our $8,000 contribution,” added Coun. Avis.
Councillors also agreed they should heavily advertise the drop-off spot for residents. “There should be lists of what can go in there and what can’t,” added Mayor Witherspoon.