Town to run Sorting Gap again

The Town of Fort Frances will be operating the Sorting Gap Marina again this summer and not contracting it out to the private sector.
Council made the decision during its regular meeting Monday night after approving a report from Community Services manager George Bell.
“For the past three seasons, the Town of Fort Frances has directly operated the marina site,” wrote Bell.
“We’ve accomplished this by employing students returning home from school and have been successful in receiving wage subsidy grants to assist us in the operation,” he added.
Prior to that, Bell noted, the operation was contracted out.
He said the move to take it over was precipitated by calls for tender that received no response, or one where the only respondent “required significant capital improvements as well as a cash subsidy paid by the town to the operator.”
Bell said the town should be aware when it contracts out the marina operation that it means contracting out retail rights.
He added the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship has contacted the town about developing a closer working relationship with the marina operation, and “a history of conflict has occurred over retail rights, primarily when contracted out.”
“I believe this [closer working relationship] can only be accomplished if the Sorting Gap Marina operation remains under the direct operation of the town,” Bell concluded.