Town to recycle glass again this fall

Although the Northwestern Ontario Recycle Association used to pick up glass with its “Blue Box” program years ago, town residents now get rid of their bottles and jars at drop-off bins at the Public Works building on Fifth Street West.
But what happens to them then? For the time being, not much.
“But we will be,” said Bruce Spottiswood, superintendent of works facilities. “Right now, we have a special area at the far end of the landfill where we’ve been stockpiling it.
“Later this year, by the fall, we’ll run the glass through a grinder. Then we’ll combine it with asphalt,” he added.
Spottiswood noted chemicals then can be used to make “a good, solid mix.”
“We’ll then use it for maintenance in the lanes, like the work we’ve most recently done on Second Street,” he said.
With the bins at the Public Works building often brimming with discarded products, Spottiswood said the need for making use of the material is great.
“NORA, at one time, picked it up. But they found there wasn’t a market for it,” he noted.
“Well, I shouldn’t say there wasn’t any market—there was a place in Toronto but it wasn’t profitable.
“It would cost something like $140 per tonne to get it transported down there and they would maybe get $12 per tonne in return,” added Spottiswood.
He noted the town was one of the first municipalities in the province to recycle glass in this way, and that the last batch of the glass-asphalt mix was churned out about four years ago.