Town to pick square architect

Duane Hicks

The process to develop the new Rainy Lake Market Square likely will take another step forward at tonight’s council meeting.
The Planning and Development executive committee is recommending council award a request for proposals to a Winnipeg-based architecture firm, Scatliff Miller Murray, for the completion of the design activities for the development of a market square on the site of the former Rainy Lake Hotel.
A total of six proposals were received as of Jan. 5.
Following receipt of the proposals, a review of the documents was conducted by Chief Building Official Travis Rob, Fort Frances CAO Mark McCaig, and the members of the Rainy Lake Market Square Advisory Committee.
After scoring each proposal based on criteria such as quality of proposal, past experience, key personnel, cost, and schedule, Scatliff Miller Murray was the highest ranked.
The advisory committee also met Jan. 12 to conduct a review of the proposals, and recommended Scatliff Miller Murray as its top pick.
Scatliff Miller Murray has proposed to complete the design between Jan. 25 (the anticipated award date) and mid-June (the anticipated tender date).
Their cost for the design, two public consultations, and tender documents is $84,150.
The committee of the whole will meet first starting at 3 p.m. for a budget meeting.
Then at 5 p.m., it will go in-camera for an indefinite amount of time to discuss five items before being re-opened to the public.
The regular meeting of council will follow.
Other business on the agenda includes:
•a final draft of the sewer system management bylaw;
•the December, 2015 Drinking Water Systems Monthly Summary Report;
•a report re: extension of licence agreement with the Minister of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure for the rental of one bay in the airport maintenance garage;
•a letter from L. Plumridge, chair of Safe Communities Rainy River District, requesting per capita funding;
•a letter from I. Phillips, Government Relations manager for Shaw Cablesystems, re: wi-fi opportunities in Fort Frances;
•an e-mail from the Boundary Waters Dragon Boat Club requesting sponsorship; and
•a letter from J. Beazley, chair of the Rainy River Future Development Corp., re: a request of per capita funding.