Town to lower speed limit in school zones

Upon recommendation from the Traffic Safety Committee, council agreed Monday to have a bylaw drawn up to set the maximum speed limit at 40 km/h near several local schools.
The schools affected include St. Michael’s, F.H. Huffman, J.W. Walker and Robert Moore.
This means there will be appropriate regulatory signs erected on: Fifth Street East and Frenette Avenue, Keating Avenue, Second Street East, Williams Avenue, Fifth St. East, Crowe Avenue and Fourth Street East.
These will warn drivers that they are entering a school zone with a reduced speed limit of 40 km/h.
The request to have reduced speed school zones came from the Northwest Catholic District School Board, but Milt Strachan, Superintendent of Transportation for the town, noted the Traffic Safety Committee reasoned that all the schools within town limits be addressed at the same time.
The bylaw will come before council at a future meeting.
Also at Monday’s meeting, council:
•approved a one-time commitment of $10,000 in funding for a community-based Bachelor of Science Nursing Program in Fort Frances.
•approved a report to reduce the term of the contract with Skates and Blades to May 24, 2005 and direct management to initiate a public tender for skate sharpening/sport shop services at the Memorial Sports Centre;
•authorized the mayor and clerk to sign a contribution agreement with Transport Canada for $198,300 to construct a sand shed on the south side of the airport garage;
•approved a report to contribute $650 to the Rainy River Vet Services Committee’s Vet Assistance Trust Fund. This will come from council’s public relations account;
•approved a report to purchase 10 tickets at a total cost of $85 for the Shrine Circus to be held here Monday, May 9;
•agreed to purchase a quarter-page advertisement in the MOM’s Way” brochure at a cost of $595, and that the Economic Development Advisory Committee to develop the content of the ad;
•received a report from the Rainy River District Community Policing Committee not to support a border patrol unit, but instead to pursue the return of the RCMP to the area;
•approved a report to deny the request of the Northern Action Group (NAG) to have four-way stop signs/trafic lights: at First and Portage, First and Mowat, Third St. West and Wright Avenue, and King’s Highway and Holmes Avenue;
•approved a report to ensure that a standard operating procedure is approved for the use of pesticides in and around waterworks, and that procedure be incorporated in the town’s policy manual;
•accepted and approved the March 2005 Drinking Water Systems Monthly Summary Report; and
•passed a bylaw to amend Fort Frances Bylaw No. 10/03, which will prohibit parking on the 1200 block of Colonization Road West.