Town to check for asbestos

Upon a recommendation from the Planning and Development executive committee, town council agreed Monday night to have the Civic Centre tested for asbestos.
In report to council, Planning and Development Superintendent Rick Hallam explained that Ontario Regulation 278/05 requires that municipalities undertake an asbestos management plan for all buildings where workers are present by no later than Nov. 1, 2007.
“Such a plan would require a study to be undertaken to identify locations and types of asbestos, and culminating in the preparation of a plan for the management and removal procedures if necessary,” noted Hallam.
He added the Ontario Realty Corp. has insisted on having an asbestos management plan in place prior to renewing its lease for the OPP offices.
The town obtained three written quotes for the completion of a study and preparation of a plan, and received the best offer from DST Consulting Engineers in the amount of $5,960.
Council approved the expenditure of $5,960 as an unbudgeted operational expense and agreed to retain the services of DST Consulting Engineers to complete a study and prepare a plan.
Also at Monday night’s meeting, council:
•approved an amendment to the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund contract for the heritage tourism project to include a completion date of March 31, 2008;
•approved an application to the NOHF for an internship position at the Fort Frances Museum for next year;
•approved the renewal of the town’s service agreement with the OPP for 9-1-1 CERB services at a cost of $0.561 per capita;
•approved the purchase of one handicap transit vehicle from McNabe Transit Sales Corp. for $70,528, plus taxes;
•agreed to apply the ”Best Start” wage improvement grant to the per diem of private home day care providers as of Nov. 1, 2006 and authorize the distribution of the 2005/06 “Best Start” wage improvement grant;
•approved the purchase of a Peterbilt model 340 tandem truck, complete with a heated 16 cubic yard gravel box, from Peterbilt Fort Frances at a total net cost of $110,541.42; and
•did not award Tender 06-F-10 for a new walk-in van, and directed administration to prepare a new tender package for a normal commercial cubic truck in the near future.