Town still chasing Scott Street funds


Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown said the town is putting pressure on the provincial government to approve “Connecting Link” funding for the reconstruction of Scott Street from Reid Avenue to Colonization Road East.
“We’ve got a contract we have in limbo right now because we’ve got no approval,” he noted. “Time is wasting because the construction season is right here.
“It’s a local contractor, so it would mean economic stimulus, and here the government is not giving their blessing on it,” he remarked.
At its April 13 meeting, town council awarded, in principle, Tender No. 09-OF-02 to Tom Veert Contracting Ltd. at an estimated cost of $1,966,569.50, with the understanding that once Ministry of Transportation funding is in place, the town will execute the contract documents.
“The [contractor] wants to go,” stressed Brown. “The tender closed March 31, so we’ve got 60 days—May 31—and we want to know, like, yesterday, whether or not they are going to approve it.”
With “Connecting Link” funding, the province pays 90 percent of the project cost, with town picking up the remaining 10 percent.
In this particular project, the town also will be paying 100 percent of the sewer and water work.
“Here we are sitting here,” said Brown. “If the government wants stimulus, approve this project and get on with it. It’s taking too long.
“I know our politicians have made contact with provincial officials and politicians, and here we are.
“Everyone says we that we’ve got to start spending money, but there’s our provincial government not approving these things quick enough,” he reiterated.
If the work goes ahead this summer, the first stage of the two-stage project will include Scott Street from Reid Avenue to Minnie Avenue.
This work will consist of sewer and water and storm sewer infrastructure replacement, as well as the widening and resurfacing of the road and the elimination of the sidewalk on the south side of the street.
In other news, town administration and management currently are preparing applications to the “Building Canada” fund, under the major infrastructure component, for money to reconstruct one or more of the following roads: Fifth Street from Portage Avenue to McIrvine Road, Front Street from Victoria to Mosher, and Second Street East from Central to Armit.
These applications must be made by May 1.
It’s expected the town will hear whether the applications were successful or not within about two weeks after that.