Town seeking public input for strategic plan

By Daniel Adam
Staff Writer

The Town of Fort Frances is seeking input from residents regarding their strategic plan for the next four years.

With a recently-launched public survey, residents can voice their concerns for pressing issues, and note some of the town’s most important strengths.

A statement on the Town’s website says the strategic plan will guide the decision making of council and provide concrete goals for development into the future.

On the online survey, participants can rank areas like tourism, sustainability, cost of living, and more. Those filling out the questionnaire can also prioritize different issues like drug use, housing, infrastructure, and more.

The survey also contains fillable forms for customizable feedback on given topics.

The survey will be available until August 25 and can be found on the Town’s website, or by visiting the following link:

The Town says it is retaining KPMG to assist in the development of a corporate strategic plan for the next four years. KPMG has been reaching out to local stakeholders and partners to get their input into the strategic planning process and will be meeting with council and senior staff in September before finalizing the plan and bringing it to council for review and approval.