Town, mill owner strike deal

Press Release

As a result of extensive negotiations over the past three weeks, the Town of Fort Frances and the current pulp and paper mill owner–2670568 Ontario Limited–have entered into a legal agreement that settles the 2019 taxes and guarantees that any future taxes will be negotiated in good faith going forward.

In exchange, 2670568 Ontario Limited has agreed to allow any potential qualified buyer access to tour the mill properties and buildings to assess the state of the existing pulp and paper machinery and receive pertinent environmental information under a confidentiality arrangement for an additional 90 days past the five years already past since the plant’s closure.

Working collaboratively with the town, the owner will work quickly and efficiently to qualify such a potential operator.

Both parties are fully committed to work together to ensure that any qualified buyer is provided with an opportunity to complete their due diligence in order that it makes both financial and operational sense to reopen the Fort Frances mill.

During this 90-day period, the owner will continue with its business and development planning and share with the town any pertinent information in regards to its operations.