Town lands funding to repair arena

The ’52 Canadians Arena should see some repairs this spring after the provincial government said it will contribute up to $216,511 towards upgrading the building.
“It’s great news,” Mayor Glenn Witherspoon said Mondy morning.
The rest of council officially will find out about the funding at Monday’s council meeting, which starts at 7:30 p.m. at the Civic Centre.
“We’re looking at refurbishing the ’52 Canadians Arena with new dressing rooms, higher glass for safety purposes, and a permanent dressing room for the Thunder,” the mayor noted.
He added a safe walkway would be installed where a row of seats had been removed during the building of the adjacent Ice for Kids Millennium Arena.
The town applied for the provincial funding through the “SuperBuild” Sports, Culture and Tourism Partnership (SCTP), and still may receive matching funding from the federal Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Program (COIP).
“We’re waiting for the federal government to make their official announcement, which hopefully will be in the next two or three weeks,” said Mayor Witherspoon.
“Then we’ll start looking at getting this project going. And we can start the work when the hockey season ends in April,” he added.
The town received the good news last Tuesday in a letter from Tourism, Culture and Recreation minister Tim Hudak.
Other business on the agenda for the committee of the whole and regular council meeting includes:
•a police services report by Fort Frances OPP S/Sgt. Hugh Dennis;
•an update on Northwest Ontario Recycle Association operations;
•quotes for a new water treatment plant pump lift;
•a petition requesting the town establish a safe area for roller-blading and skateboarding;
•grant applications to FedNor and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund by the “Re-Inventing Fort Frances” committee;
•a report on town building activity for November and December, as well as year-end report on such activity;
•an update on the construction status of the new Canada Customs and Immigration facility;
•a public health levy notice from the Northwestern Health Unit;
•a request from Rusty Myers Flying Service to add Fort Frances to its operating certificate;
•a notice of a change in council meeting dates in 2002; and
•seven bylaws possibly will be approved, including an agreement with North Air Services for “Dial-a-Ride” services, and an agreement addendum with Riverside Health Care Facilities Inc. with respect to 911 answer service.
In-camera items of business include:
•discussion of staff retirements;
•recreation advisory committee appointments;
•a committee of adjustment procedural bylaw; and
•a report on employee benefits and the management/non-union employee group.