Town in dark on deal

Press Release

On March 6, the First Nation communities of Couchiching, Mitaanjigamiing, Naicatchewenin, and Nigigoonsiminikaaning issued a public statement regarding “a final settlement with Canada and Ontario over claims related to the ‘Agency 1’ Reserve located near Fort Frances, Ont.”
The town presumes this statement refers to lands surrendered in 1908 by the First Nations within the boundaries of Fort Frances (including the Point Park, the old golf course lands, and related roads).
Although the Town of Fort Frances has been a party to the litigation involving the Point Park and the roads, it was not included in the settlement discussions.
The town is not privy to the details of the reported settlement.
Among other issues not settled is ownership of Point Park and the roads.
Currently, a preservation order, issued by the court in 2010, granted the town’s motion that possession of the Point Park remain with the town pending a final decision of ownership.
The town has been, and remains, committed to preserving the park and the roads for everyone to use and enjoy.
The town also has been involved in, and remains open to, future discussions with our neighbouring First Nation communities, Canada, and Ontario to reach a resolution that balances all interests.