Town, Emo to strike up recyling deal

Duane Hicks

The town will enter into an agreement with the Township of Emo for the handling, transportation, and processing of its blue box materials at the town’s transfer station.
The town was contacted by Emo last month about a possible agreement.
Emo’s recycling program had stalled earlier this year after the plant that recycles paper and cardboard in International Falls shut down.
Since Emo’s annual recycling amount is equal to about one month’s worth for Fort Frances, Emo buying its own compactor or facility was not feasible.
In a report from Operations and Facilities manager Travis Rob, he noted Emo currently collects 51.80 tonnes at its depot, which they would weight and haul, in some fashion, to the town’s transfer station at their cost.
At this quantity, it is anticipated the annual cost increase to the town for the processing of Emo’s waste would be $14,065.25, he reasoned.
“If an agreement were to be struck with the Township of Emo, the costing for the handling, transportation, and processing would have to be billed at the true costs plus some type of mark-up,” Rob said.
Rob told the Times that under an agreement with the town, Emo residents would be able to recycle a far wider variety of materials than they had under their previous arrangement.
Also at last night’s meeting, council:
•approved committee of the whole and council meeting schedules for 2019 (the schedule once again shows there only will be one council meeting in the months of July and August);
•agreed to a recommendation of the Planning & Development executive committee to accept a letter from Ahlan and Judith Johanson as information and that no further action be taken;
•agreed to the recommendation of the Planning & Development executive committee to approve a nine-foot overheight fence in the rear yard only for property owned by T. Ross; and
•approved per diems claims, each totalling $320, for both Coun. Ken Perry and Coun. Wendy Brunetta’s recent attendance at a NOMA board meeting and FedNor round-table meeting.