Town doing emergency test on Wednesday

As part of the Town of Fort Frances’ emergency preparedness program, B93-FM will be testing its emergency broadcasting capabilities this Wednesday (May 19) between 2-4 p.m.
B93-FM will be broadcasting radio announcements during this time period about an emergency in Fort Frances and the possible evacuation of certain areas of the town, Fire Chief Steve Richardson noted last week.
But any emergency broadcasts heard on B93-FM between 2-4 p.m. on Wednesday are only part of the test, he stressed.
Should a real emergency occur during this time period, it will be denoted by the activating of the town’s emergency sirens (which normally are tested on the first Wednesday of every month at 2 p.m.)
Residents are reminded that B93-FM is the official emergency broadcasting station for the Town of Fort Frances. If, at any time, the emergency sirens have been activated, tune in to B93-FM to receive emergency information or instructions, said Chief Richardson.
If anyone has any questions pertaining to this exercise or relating to the town’s emergency plan, contact Chief Richardson at 274-9841.