Town develops policy on concussions


The town has developed a concussion policy for the Memorial Sports Centre as a requirement for making applications for certain provincial grants.
The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport prompted the town to do so in order to receive a grant for $27,152 for a “Spinning into the Future” waterfit program initiative.
The town has been approved for the grant but needed to show proof of a concussion policy to get it.
The purpose of the policy is to ensure that participants in Town of Fort Frances recreation programs, along with town recreation staff, are aware of the signs and symptoms of concussions.
In addition to defining what a concussion is, the policy also outlines the town’s responsibilities.
It states the town will promote a concussion awareness strategy by:
•providing training to Memorial Sports Centre staff on signs and symptoms of potential concussions through regular first aid training, advising potential concussion sufferers to seek medical attention; and
•support user groups with concussion awareness strategies (e.g., posting concussion posters and offering brochures) in town facilities.
The policy also states it will complement preventive measure practices that already are operational in Town of Fort Frances facilities and programs, including (but not limited to) practices around helmet use during hockey, shinny, skateboarding (skate park), and public skating.
Council is expected to endorse the policy at its regular meeting this evening, which will come into effect immediately, as well as endorse an agreement with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport for funding through the Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund.
Tonight’s meeting will follow the committee of the whole meeting, which gets underway at 5:30 p.m. but will begin with an in-camera discussion of one item (a labour matter).
Other business on the agenda includes:
•a presentation from Fort Frances Public Library CEO Caroline Goulding and library board chair Andrew Hallikas re: the library’s 2017 annual report;
•a public meeting re: an application for tax adjustment at 1008 Walker Ave. (2017);
•a verbal update on capital projects;
•a donation request from the Br. #29 Legion Ladies Auxiliary, which is hosting the 49th-Biennial Provincial Convention next year (June 14-17);
•a letter from the Fort Frances Minor Hockey Association requesting forgiveness for outstanding finance fee charges for 2017-18 in the amount of $1,632.43;
•a bylaw to approve a general service agreement with Commercial Credit Adjusters Ltd. re: third-party collection services for unpaid Provincial Offences Act (POA) fines;
•a bylaw to approve an agreement with Miller Environmental Corp. to host Household Hazardous Waste Day here on Sept. 15;
•a bylaw to execute an agreement with Makkinga Contracting and Equipment Rentals to do the Mill Road overpass reconstruction project;
•a bylaw to sell certain municipal lands located at Front Street and Minnie Avenue to 1995031 Ontario Ltd.; and
•a bylaw to enter into an agreement with Infrastructure Ontario with respect to the purchase of certain lands located on Victoria Avenue.