Town council establishes school zones

Motorists will have to slow down a little when passing schools come September after town council Monday night passed a bylaw to amend the Traffic Control Bylaw and establish “school zones.”
The amendment to Bylaw 10/03 means there now are “school zones” at St. Michael’s, Huffman, Robert Moore, and J.W. Walker.
Between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Monday to Friday, motorists must slow down to 40 km/h in these zones. This speed restriction only applies during the school year.
The zones surround the respective schools, meaning motorists must slow down when travelling on streets in close proximity to them. For instance, when near St. Michael’s, motorists must slow down on Fifth Street East and Frenette Avenue.
The zone applies to Williams Avenue, Fourth Street East, and Fifth Street East near Huffman; Second Street East, Smith Avenue, Crowe Avenue, and Fourth Street East near Robert Moore; and Keating Avenue near J.W. Walker.
Council approved a recommendation from the Planning and Development executive committee regarding the establishment of school zones at its May 9 meeting.
Also Monday night, council accepted a report from Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown to proceed with ordering and installing playground equipment for the parks at Phair Avenue, Lillie Avenue, and Front Street.
They also agreed to consider buying equipment for Pither’s Point Park during the 2006 budget process.
Council also took a moment of silence Monday night to pay respect to 35-year-old Lt. (N) Garfield Gilson, son of Coun. Struchan Gilson, who passed away suddenly in Halifax, N.S. on Saturday.
Also at Monday night’s meeting, council:
•agreed to a request from the Township of King for support of its resolution regarding budget cuts to Ontario Library Services;
•agreed to a request from the City of Clarence-Rockland for support of its resolution regarding calculating debt capacity;
•passed a bylaw to approve a contract for the supply and delivery of granular materials with George Armstrong Co. Ltd.;
•passed a bylaw to approve an agreement with Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board for child care services;
•passed a bylaw to authorize entering into a lease agreement with P. Langevin at the Fort Frances Municipal Airport;
•passed a bylaw to approve a contract with Select Construction for the design and construction of a new sand storage shed at the municipal airport;
•passed a bylaw to authorize the sale of certain land to Arthur E. Hammond;
•passed a bylaw to approve two agreements with the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corp. for financing of GIS staffing costs under the Northern Ontario Youth Internship Program; and
•referred a resolution from the City of Owen Sound regarding the distribution of court security costs to both the Administration and Finance executive committee and Police Services Board for a recommendation.