Town backing spring clean-up

In an effort to give town residents a chance to do a little spring cleaning, council has agreed to suspend the collection of tipping fees at the landfill next Saturday (May 8) for yard and garden waste only.
Coun. Roy Avis brought the matter up at Monday night’s council meeting, noting the town had done it last year and that this year it would make sense to do it again, especially before “bag tags” come into effect May 31.
“There is quite a few areas in town that need to be cleaned up,” agreed Mayor Dan Onichuk.
The only waste to be accepted free of charge on May 8 will be leaves, tree branches, grass clippings, and garden waste. These items must be separate from regular waste when brought to the landfill.
The mayor added there’s been some discussion on the town setting up a community compost site in the near future, which would eliminate organic waste going to the landfill.
But details, such as its location and how the town would pay for such a site, still have to be determined.
Coun. Struchan Gilson recalled the days of the town-wide spring clean-up Fort High teacher Walter Horban used to organize here, saying he wished there would be another one like it here again where essentially any type of waste would be taken away by student volunteers.
But Coun. Todd Hamilton lamented it seemed no one was able to fill Horban’s shoes and take on the “big responsibility” of such a project, adding nowadays there’s liability issues to consider.
In related news, the town declined a request from the Rainy River Valley Field Naturalists regarding the waiving of certain tipping fees at the landfill site for that group’s spring clean-up.
Manager Doug Brown noted the Operations and Facilities executive committee learned the group would be cleaning areas outside town limits and so tipping fees couldn’t be waived because of this.
However, instead of turning down the group flat, Brown recommended the town give the RRVFN a donation of $66 (in the form of six half-ton truck passes) on the condition they also do some clean-up within town limits.