Town amending traffic bylaw

Town council approved a report Monday night to make amendments to Traffic Control Bylaw No. 10/03 and help protect local students from traffic near their schools.
Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown noted the amendments include the removal of the Community Safety Zone along King’s Highway near the crosswalk between McDonald’s and A&W.
This is due to the fact the Ministry of Transportation has informed the town it cannot establish a safety zone by reducing the speed limit to 40 km/h by time of day, day of week, or month of year.
The town either must remove the designation, or permanently establish a zone where the 40 km/h speed limit is in effect all the time and not just during school hours.
The town chose the former.
The amendments also include the permanent establishment of a speed limit of 40 km/h for all designated school zones, which the town already has designated outside all five local schools.
These will be in effect 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of whether school is in or not.
And if approved in the 2006 budget, the town will install flashing light display units on each school zone sign (eastbound and westbound) along Second Street East to service Robert Moore School, since it is a “main collector roadway,” noted Brown.
The cost for a solar-powered unit is $7,000, so the town will be looking to spend $14,000 for both. But Brown noted he’s investigating whether the lights at the crosswalk by McDonald’s could somehow be used instead.
Also at Monday night’s meeting, council:
•appointed Nick Wihnan, Bill Krukoski, Debbie Bazylewski, Rainy Loyie, Couns. Roy Avis and John Albanese, CAO Mark McCaig, and municipal planner Faye Flatt to the Fort Frances Municipal Non-Profit Housing Corp. board of directors (the term runs until Nov. 30, 2006);
•approved a report to award the 2006 cleaning contracts to Courtesy Cleaning at the Public Works office for $7,200/annum, to Florence Ogden for $15,023/annum at the library, and to renew Tom Piotrowski’s contract at the Children’s Complex for $28,000/annum;
•denied a request from Todd Ducharme to establish a 1,000-litre liquid waste tank at the landfill site;
•approved CAO Mark McCaig’s purchase card expenses in the amount of $98;
•agreed to a recommendation of the Administration and Finance executive committee to approve a request for reconsideration with regards to property on Island G 734, and that the appropriate adjustments be processed;
•supported a recommendation from the Administration and Finance executive committee to not approve a funding request from the Fort Frances Girls’ Hockey Association (this was on the grounds that there are a significant number of youth hockey tournaments in Fort Frances that do not receive funding from the town, and the town can’t provide funding to them all in an equitable manner);
•passed a report ensuring the town meets its contractual obligations to plant flowers on the required plots in both cemeteries, and plant the same flower beds in the park areas as in 2005; and
•approved a report to award tenders for a 2006 Caterpillar Model IT 38G front-end loader and a 2006 Caterpillar backhoe/loader to Thunder Bay-based Toromont at a total cost of $366,183.96.
But the exact financing method of purchasing the latter will be deferred until the 2005 year-end audit is complete.
Meanwhile, the proposed 2006 budget will include a budget amount of $113,383.96, which consists of the amount of the front-end loader dollar value over and above the approved 2005 budget ($11,796) plus the net cost for the backhoe/loader ($101,587.96).