Town agrees to help out with Canada Day

Duane Hicks

Town council will throw some financial support behind Canada Day celebrations again this year.
Council agreed yesterday evening to recommendations of the Administration and Finance executive committee to give the Canada Day Celebration committee an annual $5,000 grant for fireworks, which council already had earmarked in its 2011 budget, as well as a one-time operational grant for $5,000, with the understanding that this amount will be repaid when a fundraising surplus is available.
This essentially fulfils the request from the committee made at the May 9 council meeting for $10,000 for fireworks, with a commitment to repay the amount over a three-five year period.
As well, the Operations and Facilities division will provide the following in-kind services and materials:
•delivering all spare picnic tables and garbage cans to Pither’s Point Park;
•delivering sand and gravel to help anchor mortars for the fireworks;
•use of a Bobcat with attachment to help set-up fireworks and clean up the following day;
•supplying and delivering barricades to the fireworks site;
•tilling the existing beach volleyball court; and
•supplying barricades for the parade.
The Community Services division will provide tables, chairs, and the stage from the arena auditorium.
In related news, Coun. Rick Wiedenhoeft put out a call for more people to sign up to be in the International Tug-of-War here on Saturday, July 2.
There will be two pulls—an exhibition pull featuring local politicians and other guests, then a community one featuring 35 local men and 15 women per side.
The first will take place at 11 a.m. at the Sorting Gap Marina, followed by the second one at 11:30.
Coun. Wiedenhoeft said anyone wanting to take part in the
“celebrity” pull should contact him (274-3796) while those wanting to be in other one get hold of Coun. Andrew Hallikas (274-5201) or Mike Gurski (274-5498).
He noted the International Falls’ team has seven or eight ex-Minnesota Vikings on its celebrity team—and the Canadian team desperately needs something to counter that.
The community tug is for a trophy, which Canadian organizers are hoping to reclaim from their U.S. opponents.
A fundraiser barbecue will be held in conjunction with the tug-of-war.
For more information on the event, visit