Tourist information centre here closing


The Ontario Travel Information Centre (OTIC) here will be permanently closed April 30 as a cost-cutting measure by the province.
It is one of seven OTICs being shuttered, along with Rainy River, Kenora, Fort Erie, Hill Island, Prescott, and Cornwall.
The closures were announced in Ontario’s 2012 budget on Tuesday.
According to the Ministry of Tourism’s website, the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corp. (OTMPC) “is realigning its tourism services by focusing on online travel marketing activities to meet consumers’ travel research preferences through major redevelopment of its tourism information website, call centre, and brochure distribution service.”
“Visits to some Ontario Travel Information Centres [OTICs] have dropped by half in the last decade, as travellers adopt a self-service approach and increasingly use the Internet for their travel research and planning,” it noted.
Effective April 30, OTMPC will close seven of its network of 18 OTICs throughout the province “that collectively experience low and declining visitation numbers.”
The year-round OTICs located in Fort Frances, Cornwall, and Fort Erie will close, according to the ministry.
The seasonal OTICs located in Rainy River, Kenora, Hill Island, and Prescott will not re-open.
Eleven OTICs province-wide will continue to operate in Bainsville, Barrie, Hawkesbury, Niagara Falls, Pigeon River, Sault Ste Marie, St. Catharines, Sarnia, Tilbury, Toronto Atrium on Bay, and Windsor Park.
As well, the travel information call centre also will continue to operate.