‘tour de Fort’ passports still available

The new “tour de Fort” season will begin in September, but passports are available now.
Spokesman Gary Rogozinski said it’s unusual to have so many passports available. Last Saturday, the group held a passport sale at the Fort Frances Public Library but the turnout was disappointing.
“We had a terrible day selling tickets,” Rogozinski said. “We still have 100 passports left to sell.
“There was lots going on with other things in the community,” he added, pointing to the trade show last weekend. “The town’s too busy, but that’s good.”^Passports sell out every year— and Rogozinski said there isn’t a concern this year will be any different.
“I’m sure we’ll sell them all, it’s just that it will take time,” he remarked. “I don’t think people know we still have passports left.
“It just gives us a little more work to do,” he added. “So if people want them, the sooner they call, the better.”^Anyone interested in buying tour de Fort passports, which cost $80 each, should call 274-3704.
This year, about 120 passports weren’t renewed by holders at the final concert of this past season.
Rogozinski noted the final concert usually is full because people come so they can renew their passports to ensure they have them for the following season.
This year, however, less than 300 people attended the final concert.
“There was a Borderland Thunder hockey game that night so we didn’t get a full house,” Rogozinski remarked. “We usually only turn over 30-40 [passports] each year.”^tour de Fort’s 2003-04 season will highlight the talent of Bara Schois, an Acadian folk group, as well as Lynn Tremblay (vocalist), Wendell Ferguson (guitar/ humour), April Verch (fiddle), Jackie Richardson (jazz/blues vocalist), and Georgette Fry (blue vocalist).
Rogozinski suggested there also would be two-three extra concerts again next season which would be open to non-passport holders.