Tot’s heart functioning better

Fort Frances tot Alicia Delbridge is showing more signs of improvement as she battles a rare, life-threatening heart ailment in a Calgary hospital, her father reported Thursday.
Cory Delbridge, assistant manager at the Canada Safeway store here, wrote in an e-mail that the results of an echo-cardiogram taken Thursday showed his one-year-old daughter’s heart function has increased dramatically since she was first admitted to hospital three weeks ago.
At that time, her heart was functioning at only seven percent of its capacity. But according to the results of this latest test, that now has increased to 33 percent.
In addition, leakage around the valves in her heart also appears to be reduced.
As well, Delbridge reported that Alicia now is sleeping on her own, which means he and his wife, Christina, also are getting some sleep. Before Thursday, their daughter only would sleep if one of them was holding her.
The family has been together in Calgary since Alicia was stricken with a mysterious ailment Aug. 6.
Until a week ago, she was on a ventilator, but since that was removed, she has been making slow but steady progress.
(Fort Frances Daily Bulletin)