Tories pick candidate for local riding

Duane Hicks

Maureen Comuzzi-Stehmann, niece of longtime Thunder Bay North Liberal MP Joe Comuzzi, has been nominated to carry the Conservative banner in Thunder Bay-Rainy River in the next federal election.
In an interview yesterday, Comuzzi-Stehmann said her main objective if elected is to stimulate the economy across the riding.
“We can all agree that, right now, we have a fragile economy and we need to create jobs and some new industry,” she noted.
“We need to look at everything available to us as a riding association right in Thunder Bay-Rainy River, and I think that whatever the government is going to start proposing, we’re going to jump on board and try to bring as much to the communities as we can, as far as job creation,” Comuzzi-Stehmann added.
“I think we all can agree the most sensitive area now is the economic situation and jobs.”
Comuzzi-Stehmann has been involved in business all her life as a third-generation Chrysler dealer, running Lakehead Motors in Thunder Bay with her father, George, and brother, Michael. Comuzzi-Stehmann will be running against NDP incumbent John Rafferty and former Liberal MP Ken Boshcoff whenever the next federal election is called.
“I think those fellows have had great opportunities to do something for all of this area, Thunder Bay-Rainy River, and they’re stand-up guys,” she remarked.
“I know them both very well, and Mr. Boshcoff and I are very good friends.
“But this is about doing something for the people of Thunder Bay-Rainy River,” she stressed.
“I have watched families be separated with the economic situation that’s been going on, and we’re going to bring some jobs in and try our best to create some industry and put families together again so they can live in the same communities,” Comuzzi-Stehmann vowed.
Comuzzi-Stehmann said she’s young, energetic, and ready to bring changes to the riding.
“I think that Thunder Bay-Rainy River is ready for change, I think they’re ready for a positive change,” she noted.
“These boys [Rafferty and Boshcoff] have had an opportunity to do that and, as far as I can see, they haven’t done anything—no disrespect.
“I want to work for the people of Thunder Bay-Rainy River, I want to go to Ottawa, and I want to make a difference, and I want these folks to know that,” Comuzzi-Stehmann added.
“I’ve got the energy and I’ve got the time to do that.”
Patrick Doherty, president of the Thunder Bay-Rainy River Conservative Electoral District Association, said in a press release Friday that the association “is pleased to have a person of Maureen’s stature and abilities represent them in the next election.”
“We look forward to an interesting and exciting time for Thunder Bay-Rainy River leading up to the next election,” Doherty added.
“We anticipate a successful conclusion where the Thunder Bay-Rainy River Electoral District will send a Conservative MP to Parliament.”
Comuzzi-Stehmann said nobody wants an election anytime soon, given the fragile state of the economy, but if there happens to be one, the local Conservatives are positioning themselves in order to be ready.
Both she and Doherty encouraged the public to come out and meet her, as well as learn more about the Thunder Bay-Rainy River Conservative Electoral District Association, during the Emo Fair this Saturday (Aug. 21) from 1-4 p.m.
“I’d be happy to meet everybody’s that’s interested in coming and hearing what we have to say,” said Comuzzi-Stehmann.
“I’d like to get to know the people up in Fort Frances and Emo.”
She added the Thunder Bay-Rainy River Conservative Electoral District Association also is hoping to hold a meet-and-greet luncheon in Fort Frances at the end of the month.
Details will be forthcoming.
“We think the Fort Frances area is very critical to us,” stressed Doherty. “We intend to spend some time and effort to get to know their problems and what they’re looking for in the economy.”
“We’re hoping that when we go to these activities, people are going to come and meet us, and we’re going to listen,” vowed Comuzzi-Stehmann.
“God gave us two ears and [one] mouth for a reason,” she noted. “I want to hear what they have to say, what their concerns are.”
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