Times again accepting letters to Santa

With the holiday season fast approaching, district children soon will be getting started on their Christmas wish lists.
And once again, the Fort Frances Times wants to help make sure those letters to Santa Claus get up to the North Pole on time.
Kids of all ages can drop off their letters to Santa at the Times office up until Wednesday, Dec. 7.
Those who can’t make it to the office can mail their letters to the Fort Frances Times, 116 First St. E., Fort Frances, Ont., P9A 3M7.
Children also can send their wish lists via e-mail at santa@fortfrances.com or by clicking on the “Letters to Santa” icon which soon should be found at www.fortfrances.com
“I love it when children write me and tell me all about their family, and their little brothers and sisters,” Santa Claus said this morning from the North Pole. “I also like to hear what they want for Christmas, although I can’t promise they’ll get everything on their list.
“And, of course, I’ll know if they’ve been naughty or nice,” he chuckled.
Santa said the elves in his workshop are ready to get to work, but added they can’t be exactly sure what toys they need to make until he gets those letters.
Santa added Mrs. Claus helps him get through the sacks of letters that come in each year, and that his eight tiny reindeer enjoy it when they read aloud to them all the letters from the boys and girls.
Remember, all letters have to be dropped off by Wednesday, Dec. 7. That’s when the reindeer will swing by the Times to pick up the bags of letters and e-mails and take them back to the North Pole.
As in previous years, copies of the letters to Santa also will be published in the “Christmas Greetings” section of the Fort Frances Times on Wednesday, Dec. 14.