Tim Horton’s setting up shop

It looks as if lovers of Tim Horton’s have r-r-rolled up the rim and they’ve won their heart’s desire, as it has been confirmed a new store definitely is coming here.
“We will be coming to Fort Frances this summer,” said Greg Skinner, corporate communications officer with TDL Group Ltd.
which is responsible for locating and purchasing sites for Tim Horton’s restaurants, yesterday afternoon.
“The store is scheduled to open in mid- to late-August,” he added.
The store will be located across from Rainy Lake Plaza, which contains business such as Subway, Rainy Lake Realty, Shapes and Instaloans, among others.
Construction of the business is expected to begin in the next few days, said Skinner. “It’s a 3,000 sq.
ft. standard store, so we’ll be serving the coffee, the soup, the sandwiches, the chili, the iced cappuccinos.
All of it,” he noted.
The property also will include a parking lot, drive-thru and some landscaping. It is expected to employ between 25-30 staff, said Skinner.
Average construction time of such a store is usually three months. “It’ll go up fast. We really want to be in Fort Frances. It would have been sooner but the winter was long all over the province,” remarked Skinner.
Last August, representatives said Tim Horton’s definitely was coming to Fort Frances, but that they were looking for a location and a franchisee to operate it.
Testing has since been done at the property on Highway 11 and Elm Avenue and the property purchased, and Gord McQuarrie, owner of Skates & Blades here, has since stepped up as a franchisee.
Currently, about 200 Tim Horton’s restaurants are built across Canada every year.