Tim Hortons construction put off until spring

Java lovers while have to wait for their first cup of Tim Hortons coffee here as construction on the new restaurant isn’t expected to start until at least next spring.
“We’re still in the very early stages. Nothing is happening yet,” said Greg Skinner, corporate communications officer with TDL Group Ltd., which operates Tim Hortons.
Back in August, representatives said Tim Hortons definitely was coming to Fort Frances, but that they were looking for a location and a franchisee to operate it.
At that time, it was speculated Tim Hortons would be built on the corner of King’s Highway and Elm Avenue across from Subway.
But Skinner said yesterday there’s been no word on acquiring land for the franchise. “A site hasn’t been selected and there is nothing on the construction report,” he noted.
Skinner added while they may have a candidate in mind to run the restaurant, he wasn’t aware if a franchisee had been chosen yet.
While the corporation still is considering putting a franchise here, Sinner said it likely would be a 2003 project.
“We build about 100 or so stores in the last few months of the year but it will probably be early spring for you guys,” he remarked. “Spring will be more when they will likely do something.”