Tiered electricity pricing launched in Fort Frances


Fort Frances Power Corp customers on Time of Use pricing, have a new billing choice for their power needs.

In response to COVID, the province has created Tiered Pricing. That allows customers a set limit each month at a reduced rate, regardless of time consumed. After that limit, the price goes up. For a homeowner in Fort Frances, the limit is 1000 Kilowatt hours per month.

The existing Time of Use gives a reduced rate during off-peak usage, to encourage conservation during peak electricity usage. However, with more people working and learning at home during the day, Tiered Pricing allows those consuming electricity during the day to see savings.

According to the Fort Frances Power Corp, there are a few things to consider when deciding which plan is right for you; Your usage, consumption pattern, seasonal changes and time of year, Lifestyle and daily habits. Fort Frances Power Corporation (FFPC) would also like to remind customers to keep in mind the effect of COVID-19 on your electricity use (for instance, you may be working from home when you normally wouldn’t be).

To compare which option is best for you based on your electricity profile, you can visit the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) website at https://www.oeb.ca/choice or click the link from www.ffpc.ca/TOU to use the online calculator to compare costs. Ensure to have some of your recent electricity bills handy when looking into what option is right for you.

Customers must notify FFPC by completing the Price Plan Election Form to switch from TOU to Tiered prices. There is no deadline, and you can request a switch at any time for either price plan, however FFPC requires your election form 10 business days prior to the start of the next billing month. Completed forms must be received by November 16, 2020 for the rates to be effective for December 2020 consumption, provided there are no errors on the completed form. If at any time a customer wishes to switch back to TOU, the same process is required.

The election form can be downloaded or completed online through our website at www.ffpc.ca./TOU. If you choose to download the form, once completed it can be e-mailed to hydrorates@fortfrances.ca or placed in our drop box, located outside of our office. Customers may also request the election form to be emailed, mailed, or picked up (by appointment only) by contacting FFPC.

Current E-Billing customers can complete the election form simply by logging into your account under the “My account/Self Service” tab. E-billing customers will also notice an added benefit of the price plan comparison based on your electricity profile once logged in.

For those customers wishing to remain on TOU, no action is required. To opt into tiered pricing for the next electricity cycle, the deadline would be November 16.

FFPC office hours are Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. For further information please contact our office by emailing hydrorates@fortfrances.ca or calling 274-9291.