Thrift Shop helps buy chemo chair

Press Release

Riverside Foundation for Health Care received a welcome donation in the amount of $5,859 from the Emo Thrift Shop and Food Bank to purchase a new chair for the chemotherapy department at La Verendrye General Hospital.

The new chair, which gives patients the freedom to independently adjust it, is fitted with memory foam allowing the patients to sit comfortably while receiving their treatment, which can last up to four hours.

It moves with ease to allow for easy patient transport, and when needed, can fold down flat for patient examinations.

“It was a pleasant surprise when the Emo Thrift Shop approached the chemo unit about donating an electric recliner, and we are honoured they did,” said Diane McManaman, oncology nurse in the chemotherapy outpatient clinic.

“The patients are finding it quite comfortable and staff find that it’s very accommodating when performing tasks and attending to patients,” she noted.

“On behalf of our patients and the chemotherapy department, thank you to the Emo Thrift Shop,” added McManaman.

Victor Gustafson, treasurer for the Emo Food Bank and Thrift Shop, was very happy to see the chair in use, explaining, “The funds for this project are from the sale of items in the thrift shop and we are happy and excited to make this contribution to the health of Fort Frances and the Rainy River District.

“Over the last four years we have been able to donate over $20,000 locally and out of province. Our team and volunteers are very proud of our organization and are happy to help out in small and large ways,” added Gustafson.

“It is so amazing to see district organizations supporting the Foundation and Riverside Health Care,” said Foundation director Allison Cox.

“At some point, we are all going to need the services of RHC and today we were able to witness a full circle donation,” she noted.

“By pure coincidence, in our visit to the chemotherapy unit, we were able to meet a patient who routinely donates items to the Emo Thrift Shop.

“She is now able to receive her treatment a little more comfortably thanks to donations just like her own,” added Cox.

The Emo Thrift Shop is located on 23 Colonization Road in Emo and is open Wednesdays from noon-4 p.m.

To inquire or make a donation, please contact the thrift shop office at 482-2700.