Three new fires reported

the MNR

The forest fire hazard is moderate to high across most areas of Northwestern Ontario, though, there is currently an extreme hazard in an area surrounding Thunder Bay. Strong winds and sunny weather have resulted in a rapid increase in the forest fire hazard.
There were three confirmed new fires in the West Fire Region yesterday. Two fires occurred in the Thunder Bay District, and one in the Fort Frances District. Reports of new fires were being investigated at the time of this report.
There currently are 21 active fires in the region, covering 5,503.7 ha. There’s been 166 fires to date, consuming 13,663.8 ha.
Kenora District Fire #20 is burning on a small island and is located near Sunset Channel, north of the Aulneau Peninsula. As part of a fire response plan on
the lake the fire will be monitored, rather than suppressed in order to utilize the beneficial aspects of fire for ecology renewal on the island.
For information on this fire, please contact Kenora Fire Management Headquarters at (807) 548-1919.
As a reminder, brush and grass fires are to be started no sooner than two hours before sunset and put out no later than two hours after sunrise.
Outdoor fires must be attended at all times and put dead out before leaving the site.
For further information check out the safe outdoor fire management guidelines at