Third party hired to manage Rainycrest

Press Release

In February, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care closed Rainycrest Long-Term Care Home to admissions due to repeated non-compliance issues.
We have been working diligently to address these areas and are focused on meeting compliance requirements with the aim of getting the home re-opened to admissions.
It should be noted that we have made significant improvements in terms of correcting areas of non-compliance.
Riverside Health Care announced yesterday it is entering into a three-year agreement with Extendicare Assist at Rainycrest.
We firmly believe that by hiring Extendicare Assist to support our management of the home, we will meet our critical need to re-open to admissions.
Extendicare Assist will begin its contract on Oct. 15.
It is important to note this effort is not only about our current non-compliance issues and closure to admission. Riverside’s decision to bring in a third party to manage Rainycrest will allow us to complete a full and comprehensive review of the entire home.
Extendicare Assist is a leader in senior care across Canada with an impeccable track record.
It will help us close gaps, solve problems, and assist with staffing needs and recruitment while advancing appropriate best practices and policies in keeping with ministry standards.
“We feel this decision demonstrates our commitment to providing the best possible care to our residents. It is a positive change” said Riverside president and CEO Ted Scholten.
“Our team is excited to begin working collaboratively with Extendicare Assist to ensure we continue to strive towards a timely goal of re-opening Rainycrest to admissions,” he added.
Riverside has engaged with the ministry, provincial government representatives, and municipal leaders, as well as the Northwest LHIN, prior to making the decision to hire Extendicare Assist and to discuss solutions to overcome our financial challenges.
We acknowledge our dedicated staff at Rainycrest, and all Riverside staff, for their tireless work and committed focus of providing quality care during this difficult time, as well as thanking those who have stepped in to fill critical administrative staffing roles within the home.
Over the next three years, Extendicare Assist will play an important role in improving the quality of care and services for our residents while assisting to create a long-term vision not only for Rainycrest but for all of Riverside.
This strategy will strengthen care across the continuum and ensure that we continue to better meet the needs of our community today, tomorrow, and into the future.
At Riverside, we are committed to providing excellent quality care in a safe and healthy environment, with the well-being of our residents a continued focus and priority.