The Place may expand next fall

After exploring his options over the past year, The Place owner Craig Sanders said it’s likely the west-end grocery store will be a little roomier by this time next year.
“I’m probably looking at doing an expansion where I am now,” Sanders noted yesterday via telephone from his other business, the 364 Store.
“I was thinking of going to a whole new location [further in the west end of town],” he remarked. “But it’s more likely I’ll either build onto the existing store, or replace it with something new.”
Sanders noted details—such as how large the expansion will be and what direction on the property it will go—still are being worked out, he’s confident about getting the job done.
“I’m hoping to have it all done for next fall,” said Sanders. “It’s kind of coincidental because it would be the 25th anniversary of the store.”
In other local business news, it still has not been confirmed that Wal-Mart will be setting up shop on a site at 1250 King’s Highway that council approved to be rezoned earlier this month.
But according to consultant Stantec’s rezoning application, it’s been indicated the site—which will be roughly 130,000 sq. ft. in size, including a large parking lot—is proposed to house various tenants for such purposes as retail sales, a restaurant, hair salon, and optical centre.