Terrified store owner fights off armed man

Coun. Neil Kabel may have had the fright of his life after a dust-up with an armed thief at his store–the East End Confectionery–last Wednesday night.
Fort Frances OPP reported a man brandishing a knife entered the small Scott Street store just minutes before its 10 p.m. closing time.
Minutes later, after grappling with Kabel, the would-be robber fled without his weapon–or any stolen items.
“I did it because I was frightened for my life, not because I thought I could beat him up,” recounted Kabel, 56.
The attacker, disguised with a toque and bandanna, walked into the store entrance, raised his knifed, and announced he was robbing the place.
After frightening a lone customer out of the store, the suspect then went behind the counter to confront Kabel and ordered him to unlock the cash register.
But when the man glanced towards the nearby cigarette stand, Kabel grabbed his hand with the weapon in it and banged it against a counter, causing the man to drop the knife.
A brief scuffle ensued before the attacker ran out the door.
A 21-year-old male was arrested a short time later and charged with robbery, disguise with intent, and possessing a dangerous weapon, Fort Frances OPP said.
He has been remanded into custody and will appear in court here at a later date.
“It was terrifying, I was concerned for my life,” said Kabel. “I just thank God that the girls weren’t working because we take turns.”