Teachers donating to crisis centre

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario will be donating $900 to the Atikokan Crisis Centre at the ACC board’s monthly meeting this week.
“An objective of the members of the ETFO is to foster a climate of social justice in Ontario and continue a leadership role in such areas as anti-poverty, non-violence, and equity,” said Sharon Preston, president of the ETFO Rainy River District teacher local.
“One way in which elementary teachers do this is by supporting centres like the Atikokan Crisis Centre,” she added.
Local occasional elementary teachers contributed $100, the Rainy River District teacher local donated $300, and the main ETFO office in Toronto chipped in an additional $500.
“The teachers have always been really supportive,” said ACC executive director Donna Kroocmo.
Besides the cash donation, teachers often donate necessities like soaps and shampoos to be used in the shelter.
Kroocmo said such small things can mean a great deal to women in crisis. “They feel treated well,” she remarked.
“Through monetary and other donations to the Atikokan Crisis Centre, members strive to meet another ETFO objective, which is to promote activities and services which positively affect education and the community,” Preston noted.
“Inherent in the objectives of the ETFO is the [ACC] goal of providing safety, support, and assistance to women and their children who have experienced violence and abuse,” she added.
Kroocmo said the $900 will go into a donations account, which is spent directly on clients and their needs.
This can be something as simple as a nightgown for a woman who has left her home in a hurry, or help in relocating a woman and her children to a new town.
The ACC will meet Wednesday (Jan. 18) in Atikokan, where it will receive the donation from ETFO reps.