Teacher by day, star by night;

After years of commercials and low-key parts in plays, Fort Frances native Susan Livingston has finally made it big, netting a regular role on a new television program, “Number One West.”
“Woo hoo,” Livingston, who is the daughter of Dan and Carol Livingston, exclaimed when she got the part a couple of weeks ago. “It’s a dream of mine, and I can hardly believe it!”
After proving her talents through several auditions, the Winnipeg school teacher earned the part of Honey Lindstrom, a madame in the small border town where the series takes place.
“Number One West” is the name of the restaurant/service station that figures prominently in the series’ setting. Livingston explained the character makes her first appearance in the third episode.
“The part may be re-written to be even more prominent if the character works out well in the series,” she enthused.
The series will begin shooting several weeks from now in Garson, Man., just northeast of Winnipeg. It may be broadcast on CBC, PBS, or Winnipeg’s MTN.
While the television role is a big step forward for her, Livingston didn’t think it would have any impact on her teaching career.
“I just signed a permanent contract for teaching,” she said. “The shooting [for the series] is seasonal, and I’ll have a lot of flexibility with the new teaching job, as well.”
Livingston is no stranger to the public eye. Starting as an emcee at various high school functions, she has been in several television commercials, various theatre performances, and was a volunteer newscaster for Winnipeg’s Videon Cable during last year’s flooding.
“She’s been gearing up for this for a while and it looks like she finally got her break,” explained Dan Livingston. “I’m happy for her.”
But Susan Livingston admitted none of her past experiences have thrilled her like this.
“This is like a dream come true,” noted Livingston.