Tbaytel’s ‘Fibre’ campaign wins award


Tbaytel recently won an industry award for its marketing of the Fibre initiative here in Fort Frances last year.
The regional company received the 2018 Best in Class Provider Marketing Award from the Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA), which each year recognizes teams and companies that demonstrate innovation and excellence in marketing broadband services.
Tbaytel’s “Project Lightning” was a year-long project to add fibre-fed wireline services to its existing mobility services offered in Fort Frances.
Throughout last year, the company worked to build a state-of-the-art fibre optic network as well as a regional central office, which houses network components that support the delivery of all five of Tbaytel’s products and services–Internet, TV, phone, security, and mobility–for the launch on Nov. 1, 2017.
The project was given the name “Project Lightning” internally at Tbaytel because “they would light up the entire town of Fort Frances with fibre, seemingly in a flash, on Nov. 1, 2017,” noted BMMA.
“In order to keep its audience engaged from the time of announcement to launch, Tbaytel utilized a multi-stage marketing campaign designed to educate and inform customers leading into the promotion and sales generation,” the BMMA said.
“Apart from traditional print and radio advertising, Tbaytel utilized direct mail marketing, a live fibre demo, out-of-home advertising, targeted digital marketing, [and] door-to-door sales,” it added.
“And [it] even created video cards with a minute-long informative video about Fibre technology and product benefits to relay their messaging to their target market.”
Tbaytel effectively launched service in Fort Frances on Nov. 1, and in its first few months has exceeded sales targets, demonstrating the effectiveness of its multi-staged, advertising strategy.
“Receiving this award for ‘Project Lightning’ from BMMA is such an honour for Tbaytel,” said Amy Meunier, director of Marketing and Communication.
“The recognition of this project, in particular, means a great deal to everyone in our company.
“Not only is this the first market we have served with fibre outside of our core wired serving territory, it was successful due to the efforts of our entire organization in a relatively short period of time,” she noted.
“We applaud the BMMA for its work to showcase broadband industry marketing excellence,” Meunier added.
Tbaytel is the largest independently-owned telecommunications provider in Canada, offering extensive products and services that includes mobility, Internet, TV, phone, and security.