TBayTel to serve Rogers customers

Press Release

TBayTel and Rogers Communications announced today that all current Rogers wireless customers with the Thunder Bay and district area code “807” will be serviced by TBayTel starting Nov. 1.
As part of the strategic business relationship that TBayTel and Rogers announced in March of this year, and the customer transition, the companies also agreed to co-brand TBayTel’s mobility product offering in Northern Ontario: “TBayTel with the power of Rogers.”
The co-branding will strategically position the two companies to offer their customers access to TBayTel’s unparalleled regional network, Rogers’ reliable Canada-wide network, world-wide roaming, and the latest in mobile content and handsets.
Rogers customers will be able to take advantage of TBayTel’s product bundling opportunities.
And once the new 3G HSPA network is complete, all Rogers customers travelling through Northern Ontario will be able to access the new network from just west of Sault Ste. Marie right to the Manitoba border.
“I am very pleased to welcome Rogers customers to TBayTel and to assure them that we are committed to make the transfer as easy as possible,” said Don Campbell, president and CEO of TBayTel.
“All of our customers will soon have access to extended voice and data coverage with our new 3G HSPA network in Northern Ontario, and we will provide them with the best solutions and the high quality of customer service they expect from TBayTel,” he added.
“This is a win-win for our customers,” echoed Darryl Levy, regional president, Rogers Communications, Western Canada.
“Rogers will be the only national carrier to offer 3G service through Northern Ontario to the Manitoba border,” he noted.
Beginning tomorrow, TBayTel will be mailing details of the transition to all local Rogers customers.
Customers also can visit the TBayTel website at www.tbaytel.net/rogers for more information, or contact TBayTel’s Customer Care Centre in Thunder Bay.
Customers will be notified by TBayTel of the exact date of the transfer of their accounts.