Tbaytel releases report

Press Release

Tbaytel held its annual general meeting Monday at Thunder Bay City Hall and released “Game Changing,” the company’s 2018 report to the community.

The report highlights a number of Tbaytel’s key accomplishments from throughout 2018, as well as the company’s strategic direction and summarized financial information.

Tbaytel reported $193.3 million in revenue in 2018, as well as a contribution of $17.5 million through a fixed annual dividend payment to the City of Thunder Bay. Since the Tbaytel Municipal Service Board’s inception in 2004, Tbaytel has paid $278.5 million in dividends to its shareholder, which puts the company on pace for contributions of just under $300 million in 2019.

In addition to wireless network enhancement projects to prepare for the evolution of future next-generation wireless technologies, Tbaytel also excelled at deploying advanced broadband solutions, both locally and regionally, with successful public WiFi projects and the unprecedented delivery of Tbayel Fibre to more homes and businesses.

Tbaytel continued living its promise to take care of the neighbourhood it serves by supporting people, events and initiatives that create a stronger, healthier and more vibrant northern Ontario.

In 2018, Tbaytel contributed $662,734 to 156 different organizations or events in 16 different communities throughout its serving territory.

This included several high-level, multi-year commitments with organizations like Confederation College, the Thunder Bay Art Gallery and the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation.

To view or download Tbaytel’s full report, please visit tbaytel.net/communityreport.