Tax due dates to be approved tonight

Although council has yet to finalize the 2001 municipal tax levy, the due dates of this year’s bills will be presented to the committee of the whole later Monday.
Because of delays due to software problems and the province’s Bill 140, this year’s municipal taxes will be due much later than usual.
“This is basically to let council know when we expect the final bill,” noted Administration and Finance manager Darryl Allan.
“The last tax bills are going to be due the end of August and the end of September,” he added.
Although there was some concern this year’s taxes would see a very significant increase because of Bill 140, council realized earlier this month that a cut in education tax would negate the need for a substantial jump.
The final rate should remain within two percent of last year’s tax levy although that is not on tonight’s agenda.
“Nothing’s going to change. The tax levy is on the agenda to discuss the process for the 2001 bill,” noted Coun. Dave Bourgeault.
The committee of the whole also will set the timetable for the 2002 budget process tonight.
Also being discussed Monday night is the municipal restructuring proposal for the airport and landfill properties being annexed from Miscampbell and Alberton.
Councillors also will discuss a Calder family plaque to be erected in Pither’s Point Park, the rehabilitation of Fifth Street East, handicapped parking, and the Public Works’ construction schedule for this summer.
Following the committee of the whole meeting, council will receive a request from Northwest Ontario’s Sunset Country Travel Association for financial support in 2001.
It also will receive notice of the first international bridge committee meeting Tuesday night at the Civic Centre here.
The committee of the whole will meet at 5:30 p.m., followed by the regular council meeting at 7.