“Taste Local” event pushed back

The Rainy River Valley Food Council has opted to push back the date of its “Taste Local” event previously scheduled for Sept. 14.
Instead, they are looking to hold it Oct. 29.
“It’s right after the [Clover Valley] Farmers’ Market closes, so it’s a turning point for a lot of local folks,” noted Rick Neilson, a member of the council.
“Plus everybody is busy and it just didn’t seem like we’d be able to get everything done, so we decided to step back a bit and give ourselves just a little more time,” he added.
The food council also is waiting to hear back about some local funding in order to help with the event.
Neilson did say plans are in progress.
“We’ve got the idea of how we’re going to do it,” he said, comparing it to something like Winnipeg’s annual Folklorama.
“There will be different stations with a local chef and the producers of the product, who will be serving samples of it and talking about the cooking and producing of it.”
Neilson explained it will be a sampling event, so only small portions will be offered.
“We want people to be able to try lots of different things,” he remarked.
The food council also is looking for entertainers to perform during the “Taste Local” event. As well, there will be a guest speaker talking about food localism—the significance of it and the advantages.
More information on this event will be available as plans are confirmed.
In related news, the “Buy Local! Buy Fresh!” brochure created by the food council now is available throughout the district.
It features a seasonality guide, which describes when foods are available in Rainy River Valley, as well as offers a map highlighting where local products can be located.
“They [the brochures] really look good . . . we’re really pleased with how they turned out,” enthused Neilson, adding the interest in food localism is spreading to other towns in the region.
“It’s being noticed,” he stressed. “This area is probably behind other areas in really recognizing the value of food localism, but we’re getting there.”