‘Taste Local’ event postponed

Members of the Rainy River Valley Food Council have decided to postpone its “Taste Local! Taste Fresh!” event, which was being planned for late October.
“I hate to say it but I’d be more comfortable doing it next summer,” said Rainy River Elk Company owner Deb Cornell, who also is manager of the Clover Valley Farmers’ Market here.
The food council was formed earlier this year when Jarrod Gunn-McQuillan, a dietitian with the Northwestern Health Unit, brought together a diverse group of district residents interested in the health, economic, and social benefits of local food systems.
Gunn-McQuillan, who worked with great enthusiasm on this project, left the district in early August.
“The health unit should be applauded for their vision in recognizing local food as an important part of public health. They gave Jarrod a free hand in organizing the food council,” said council member and local chef Bob Mathieson.
“It was great to see that.”
“We have accomplished a lot since last April,” Mathieson added. “We brought together contributions from 15 food producers and put together the ‘Taste Local! Taste Fresh!’ brochure.”
The brochure, which describes what and where local foods are available, can be found at municipal and tourism offices throughout the district.
Next spring, the food council plans to distribute the brochure to every household.
“We shouldn’t feel bad about not having the time to organize the tasting event this fall. We can do that next year,” Mathieson said.
Many of the producers presently are marketing their products throughout Northwestern Ontario at farmers’ markets and craft shows, as well as doing the fall work that’s essential to next year’s harvest.
“It’s a busy time of year,” noted Cornell.