Tammi’s to relocate starting next week

After almost 10 years at its current location (256 Scott St.), Tammi’s Flower Garden is moving across the street to a location previously occupied by A Buck or Two and Ocean’s Pet Store.
“It’s about time for another move,” store owner Tammi Shoemaker said this morning, recalling she first got started on the 300 block of Scott Street some 13 years ago and that this would her second move.
While she noted change for change sake can be a good thing, Shoemaker said the primary reason for the move was to make shopping more convenient for her customers.
“It’s about the same retail space, but it’s all on one level,” remarked Shoemaker. “We have some customers who can’t manage the stairs [at the current location].
“So we’ll still be doing exactly what we’re doing now—just one level.
“We’ll probably carry the same variety of merchandise we do now, just scaled back a bit,” Shoemaker added, noting the business will continue to sell flowers.
The store will be closed from Dec. 30-Jan. 12 as merchandise and furnishings are moved and renovations such as carpeting, painting, and flooring are done at the new location.
“We’re hoping no one will recognize it when we’re done with it,” laughed Shoemaker.
“With the holidays, it was difficult to make the move any earlier,” she added. “Getting the phone lines changed, the cooling units set up, and all those types of things.”
During this week-and-a-half period, the business will continue to take orders for and deliver flowers as the phone line (274-8581) at the old store will be answered.
And in order to cut back on the amount of merchandise that needs to be moved, a special sale is running today and tomorrow, with some items at up to 75 percent off.
The new location (225 Scott St.) will open its doors Monday, Jan. 13.