SWAC program to be saluted


The Rainy River District School Board will hear a presentation tonight regarding the “School Within A College” (SWAC) program, which was introduced at the beginning of the current school year.
A dual credit program, SWAC is offered to students by the Rainy River District School Board in collaboration with Confederation College.
“The primary target group for this program are students 18 years of age and older who have not yet graduated,” the report to the board noted.
“For some students, it is another option to the alternative education program they are currently enrolled in, and for others it is a re-engagement opportunity,” it added.
Students can acquire credits in three specific ways, such as enrolling in college-delivered dual credits, working on alternative education courses, or by participating in a paid co-op.
By successfully completing a college dual credit, the student earns both a high school credit and a college one.
Students may apply for a maximum of four college-delivered dual credits towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.
Meanwhile, upon successfully completing alternative education courses, the student’s first priority is to achieve any compulsory credits required to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.
Through a paid co-op, students who currently are employed can gain credits by working.
“The courses they complete are tied to co-op credits and applied to achieve an Ontario Secondary School Diploma,” the report explained, noting an essential key to the SWAC program is the concept of individualized timetables.
“SWAC re-engages students by strategically providing specific courses required by individual students,” it noted.
To date, 57 college dual credits have been earned, in addition to 19 in alternative education and 18 through a paid co-op.
There also is the potential of seven more college dual credits to be earned by the end of the term, 20 in alternative education, and 10 through paid co-op.
The report also noted that 11 of the current SWAC students are former Supervised Alternative Learning students, and 12 current SWAC students will receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma at graduation ceremonies later this month.
Also at tonight’s board meeting, which gets underway at 7 p.m. at the Education Centre, the board will:
•recognize retirees within the board, as well as the bus driver-of-the-year and the volunteer(s)-of-the-year;
•hear a presentation on the speech contest held last month;
•look to approve the updated Special Education Plan;
•look to approve the 2013-14 budget in the amount of $48,175,281;
•receive the personnel report dated June, 2013; and
•hear an update on the summer facility projects.