Surge in patients reported

Press Release

Riverside Health Care currently is experiencing high levels of patient activity at La Verendrye General Hospital, the Emo Health Centre, and the Rainy River Health Centre.
The ongoing influenza outbreak at Rainycrest Long-Term Care here, in addition to the increased flow of patients to our emergency departments, has resulted in Riverside’s health-care sites being at 146 percent over-capacity, with insufficient beds to meet the current demand for services in all RHC patient care areas.
Riverside’s priority is the health and well-being of our patients, and we will continue to maintain high-quality patient care under these circumstances.
It is also our priority that the most critically-ill are seen in a timely manner.
We commend our entire staff at all RHC sites who have been working tirelessly under these circumstances to provide exceptional health care to our communities.
For non-life threatening emergencies, we ask you to consider the following options:
•contact your primary health-care provider if you have the ‘flu or ‘flu-like symptoms;
•for general health advice and information 24/7, contact Telehealth Ontario 1-866-797-0000; or,
•if you must come into the Emergency Department, be prepared for longer wait times, and please bring only one additional individual with you if necessary.
If you have a medical emergency, phone 9-1-1.