Students walk for arthritis

There was a mass walk-out of students in Fort Frances yesterday morning, but it wasn’t your typical demonstration.
More than 250 students—from senior kindergarten to Grade 6— put down their books and marched, or ran, around the perimeter of the Robert Moore School grounds for 15 minutes in support of the Arthritis Society, which is conducting a door-to-door campaign to raise funds to fight this often misunderstood disease.
Contrary to popular belief, arthritis is by no means a disease of the elderly. In fact, juvenile arthritis afflicts more children—some as young as two months old—than cystic fibrosis and juvenile diabetes combined.
It also is the major cause of longterm disability in working-age adults.
That’s why this year’s campaign chair, Doris Pelletier, is urgently seeking volunteers to help get the word out and raise money for arthritis research.
If you have some time to spare, or wish to learn about this disease, contact Pelletier at 274-2833. Additional information can be found at