Students raise $3,000 at ‘Famine’

Students at St. Francis School may have spent 24 hours without food, but they were well-rewarded for their efforts.
A group of 73 intermediate students participated in the “24-Hour Famine,” which began Wednesday and ended yesterday afternoon. They managed to raise more than $3,000 for World Vision.
“I think this year was the best turnout,” said student council president Sierra Spicer. “The assembly helped a lot.”
The student council held an assembly in the gym for the entire school, explaining to them what World Vision does, and giving statistics about hunger and poverty around the world.
“Most members spoke and gave facts,” Spicer noted.
While the intermediate students fasted for a day, the junior students held a coin drive. The coins will be collected and counted today.
Spicer said she participated in the “Famine” last year as well, but noted it doesn’t get any easier.
“It’s really hard, but when you think about what you’re doing it for, it makes it not so bad. People go through this every day,” she said.
Grade 8 teacher Melanie Fafard is the staff advisor to student council, and said she was pleased with the student and community response.
“I think the reason it was so successful is because we have really strong leaders on council,” she said. “Getting up in front of the whole school and saying, ‘We’re going to do the famine,’ it’s like positive peer pressure.”
Students broke the fast at 4 p.m. yesterday with pizza and ice cream, followed by a dance in the gym.