Students lauded for enviromental effort


A group of kindergarten students at St. Michael’s School recently were recognized by the principal for their environmental efforts.
During the class’s nature walk, Logan Dallas, Aela Drombolis, Ainsley Johnson, and Jasper Dennis noticed the school’s bike rack was chained to a tree.
“They saw the chain ‘choking’ the tree and thought, ‘What are we going to do about it?” noted kindergarten teacher Debbie Jean.
After assessing the issue, Dallas reached out to his grandpa, who is a forester, to find out what could be done to help the tree.
He explained to the kids that they can’t take the chain off because the tree already had grown around it, so removing the chain only would damage it further.
The kids then shifted their focus to having the bike rack moved after realizing that if the tree grows more, it will be obstructed.
They wrote a letter to principal Kelly Forbes explaining the situation, and there now are plans to move the bike rack and chain it to a post, instead of a tree, in the spring once the snow melts.
Forbes wrote a letter back on Monday thanking the students for being proactive in protecting the trees.
“You have been doing wonderful work in your classroom and I am super proud of you all for taking such good care of our environment,” she wrote.
The kids learned a lot throughout the whole process, and Jean is glad to see her students care so much about the Earth.