Students hosting ‘Fear Factors’

Drug Awareness Week is coming up, and students at Fort High are gearing up for a week of fun and excitement.
The local chapter of Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving have organized “Fear Factors,” an event based on the popular television show where people do various stunts in an effort to overcome their fears and beat out their competitors.
“This is our big activity of the year,” said OSAID treasurer Megan Cuthbertson.
The goal of the week-long event is not just to have fun, but to teach students how best to deal with certain situations involving drugs and alcohol.
For example, one of the challenges involves dressing a 180-lb. dummy, putting it safely in a cab, then bringing it home and putting it in the recovery position.
The rationale behind the challenge is that people who are impaired often pass out. It is important to monitor someone closely to ensure they aren’t suffering from alcohol poisoning or an overdose, and to make sure they get home safely.
The recovery position places the unconscious person on his side rather than his back, to prevent him from choking on his own vomit.
“The goal is to minimize accidents and minimize the risk,” Cuthbertson noted.
Other challenges during the week will include walking across a simulated dam wearing impaired vision goggles, a game of poker where contestants will have to eat or drink items that are marked on the cards, and a “puke plunge.”
“Some events will require a strong stomach,” she warned.
One male and one female student from each grade level will be selected to compete in the challenges. The two overall winners will compete against members of the community in “Ultimate Fear Factors” on Friday.
Volunteers from the Fort Frances Fire Department, B93-FM, Canada Customs, and the Fort Frances Times are expected to participate.
Events will take place over the lunch hour each day in different locations in the school. Friday’s events will begin at 10:30 a.m.
Cuthbertson said about 10 students had already applied to participate on the first day of sign-ups.
The Fort High chapter of OSAID is a group of about 20 students who organize various events throughout the year to raise awareness of problems related to drug and alcohol abuse in young people.
The group hosted a Hallowe’en dance this year, with a turnout of more than 100 people. “That’s the most we’ve had in three years,” Cuthbertson said. “It went over really, really well.”
Drug Awareness Week runs from Nov. 15-21.