Students cast their votes


Schools across the district have been learning about the democratic voting process this election season.
Many classes participated in a mock municipal election vote, where they learned about each of the candidates and the electoral process.
On Friday, St. Francis School had mayoral candidates June Caul and Ken Perry participate in a forum in the school’s gym, during which students asked questions to learn about their stances on the key issues.
Then on Monday, students in Grades 4-6 used the information they learned to cast a total of 62 votes for June Caul and 26 for Ken Perry in their mock municipal election.
The Grade 7s had similar results, with 21 votes going to June Caul and seven for Ken Perry.
Meanwhile, the Grade 5 class at Robert Moore School held a mock election on Friday, in which 36 votes were cast for June Caul and 11 for Ken Perry.
For councillors, students had 41 votes for Wendy Brunetta, 33 for Clinton D.C. Gray, 30 for Rick Wiedenhoeft, 24 for Michael Behan, 23 for John D. McTaggart, 22 for Douglas Judson, 21 for Andrew Hallikas, and 17 for Harold Huntley.
Fort High students also held a mock municipal election, in which 185 votes were cast for June Caul and 103 for Ken Perry.
For council, there were 189 votes for John D. McTaggart, 179 for Clinton D.C. Gray, 178 for Douglas Judson, 173 for Rick Wiedenhoeft, 171 for both Wendy Brunetta and Harold Huntley, 169 for Andrew Hallikas, and 163 for Michael Behan.
In Stratton, Our Lady of the Way School also participated in a student vote, with four votes going to June Caul and three to Ken Perry.
On council, six votes went to Andrew Hallikas, five votes went to Rick Wiedenhoeft, Harold Huntley, Wendy Brunetta, and Clinton D.C. Gray, four votes went to John D. McTaggart, and three for both Michael Behan and Douglas Judson.