‘StepFast’ program expanded

The “StepFast” program that was offered here in February is being offered once again—in an expanded version—giving local residents another opportunity to take advantage of the information and support the program offers.
Cliff and Roxanne Marsh first offered the StepFast program this past winter at the Joy of Life Fellowship Church, with the goal of helping people make healthy choices in their lives regarding diet and exercise.
About 10 people signed up for the six-week program and watched weekly videos regarding health and fitness, then discussed the issues that were brought up.
It was the first time the Marshes had delivered the StepFast program and were open to input from those who attended.
“We weren’t sure where it was going to go,” noted Cliff. “We found people wanted to be a part of expanding on what we were doing.”
Many of the participants of the first session will contribute to the second session.
“We want to highlight the aspects of each of the videos,” Cliff explained. “Each of us are going to take a different role.”
Frances Talarico will give additional information on exercise and the body’s metabolism. “I’ll talk about how to fit an exercise program into your life,” she said. “And we’ll find out what people want to know, if they’ve had any problems in the past, or talk about what they already do to stay fit.”
Dennis Bon will talk about his transformation “from junk food addict to enjoying real food,” he said.
Daphne and John Rogoza will talk about nutrition and making good food choices, as well as their personal experiences.
Cliff and Roxanne Marsh, with the help of Dianne Gohn, will do cooking demonstrations, providing samples for participants.
The session will always focus around the StepFast videos, the Marshes emphasized.
The program, put together by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, consists of a 12-part video series that presents health and nutrition information from health professionals from the Lifestyle Centre of America.
StepFast is an acronym for Sunshine, Temperance, Exercise, Proper diet, Fluid intake, Air, pure and fresh, Sleep, and Trust in God.
“It’s about bringing your lifestyle into some kind of structure, being more conscious of your daily diet and activities,” Cliff said.
Besides presenting useful information, the program offers a group of people who are willing to help and listen.
“It’s a very supportive atmosphere,” Talarico said of the winter session. “There was so much knowledge in the group.”
“Knowledge and experience,” agreed Gohn.
The StepFast group will meet every Thursday at 7 p.m. beginning May 19 at the Salvation Army. The program is expected to last seven or eight weeks, depending on what participants prefer.
The cost is $35, which includes materials and refreshments. Participants will receive a binder with the different units and information outlined.
Anyone wishing to sign up can contact the Marshes at 486-0311 or at 486-0460, or can contact the Rogozas at 274-7049.